About Us

Anna Organics的故事

Anna 自小就体弱多病,结婚生了孩子,把中心放在孩子们的身上, 忽略了自己的身体。

四十多岁后,她发现身体出现很多状况。在朋友的介绍下,接触到有 机食品,让她亲身体会到有机食品对身体的益处,帮助自己,也帮助 周围的朋友们。在这机缘下,ANNA ORGANICS 成立了。

这十多年来,Anna 的身体逐步改善,家人和身边的朋友顾客也逐渐成 为有机食品的追随者,寻找和尝试更多更丰富的有机食品和用品。她 的爱好和希望终身为之奋斗的事业。

Anna had been frail since her adolescent years and often fall sick growing up. After having 4 kids with her husband, she prioritised her life around her children, resulting in neglect on her personal health.

In her 40s, she began to experience body pains and health issues. Her friend, a frequent organic food consumer, learnt about her problems, and recommended her to consume organic foods to improve her health. She began to see significant improvement in her health after consuming organic food products.

This discovery had led her to further explore into the world of organic foods, to learn about its benefits to help more individuals experience restored health. With this vision, ANNA ORGANICS was established.

ANNA ORGANICS has since helped many individuals to see the benefits of consuming organic foods, forming a community of organic foods fanatics. Anna hopes to share her hobby turned career to reach out to even more individuals to improve their health through consuming organic food products.