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Taiwan Black Brown Rice [台湾紫黑米] 1kg

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The Black brown rice is Taiwan native fragrant rice which is hard to produce and management than other breeds. The yearly production is about 4500 Kgs/Ha that is much lower than general rice production 11,000 Kgs/Ha. Generally, brown rice is a whole grain with its hull intact, so it requires a longer soaking, cooking time and more water than white rice. To preserve more nutrients and the Anthyocyanins content in the black brown rice bran, our Patent (#M347049) makes black brown rice easy to cook as white rice, soak free and shorten cooking time.

黑糙米是台湾本土的香米,比其他品种难生产和管理,年产量约为4500 Kgs / Ha,远低于普通稻的11000 Kgs / Ha。壳完整无缺,因此比白米需要更长的浸泡,烹饪时间和更多水。为了保留黑糙米糠中更多的营养成分和花青素含量,我们的专利(#M347049)使黑糙米易于烹饪白米,免浸泡并缩短烹饪时间。

1. The ratio of white rice to black brown rice is 1-2 : 1 cup.
2. Rinse the white rice properly and drain away water.
3. Mix the black brown rice with the rinsed white rice and rinse again, no soaking.
4. Add-in fresh water with same amount of rice; start to cook.
5. Simmer for 10 minutes then stir the rice gently before enjoy it.

1. You may replace the white rice mentioned above with any desirable brown rice.
b. For 100% Black Brown rice, the ratio of rice to water is 1:1.


  1. 白米与黑糙米的比例为1-2:1杯。
  2. 正确冲洗白米饭并沥干水分。
  3. 将黑糙米与冲洗过的白米混合,然后再次冲洗,不要浸泡。
  4. 加入等量大米的淡水;开始煮饭。
  5. 慢火煮10分钟,然后轻轻搅拌大米,然后享用。


  1. 您可以用任何需要的糙米代替上述白米。
  2. 对于100%黑糙米,米与水的比例为1:1。

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