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KoKo Nut Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair (Lavender) [椰油 皮肤头发-薰衣草香味] 100ml

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Coconut oil with a mild formulation of lavender essential oil. The Koko Nut oil works as a natural moisturizer, providing deeppp nourishment for skin and hair.

椰子油,配以温和的薰衣草精油配方。 KoKo Nut 可作为天然保湿剂,为皮肤和头发提供深层营养。


  • Pure Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair
  • Carefully blend with premium grade essential oil
  • Non-toxic, no paraben, no alcohol, no chemical, no preservatives
  • Solidify at temperature below 24°C, becomes liquid at temperature above 24°C
  • Safe for kids


  • Deeply moisturizes skin and hair
  • Can be used as hair mask oil and skin moisturizer


  • 用于皮肤和头发的纯椰子油
  • 与高级精油仔细混合
  • 无毒,无对羟基苯甲酸酯,无酒精,无化学物质,无防腐剂
  • 在低于24°C的温度下凝固,在高于24°C的温度下变成液体
  • 儿童安全使用


  • 深层滋润皮肤和头发
  • 可用作发膜油和皮肤保湿剂

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