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Premium Indonesian Aged Ginger Powder [100% 纯顶级印尼老姜粉] 110g

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Ginger is a natural warming herb that helps to improve blood circulation, regulate digestion, reduce nausea and soothes stomach cramps. Also beneficial in lowering blood sugar.

  • Helps to warm cold feet and hands
  • Helps to open up blood vessels
  • helps to reduce throat inflammation
  • Eases menstrual pains
  • Helps to dispel wind in the body 
  • Ginger foot bath helps to improve sleep
  • Acts as a natural mild laxative


  • 治手脚冰冷
  • 帮助开通血管
  • 有助于消喉咙炎
  • 改善月经痛
  • 帮助驱散全身风痛
  • 生姜足浴有助于改善睡眠
  • 有助通大肠