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Ginkgo & Multi Cereal [银杏综合谷粉] 600g

Oh Green

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OH GREEN Gingko and Multi Cereal Powder is a nutritional drink made from ginkgo powder and cereals. The nutrients contained therein are very good for digestion. Made from selected ingredients and processed using sophisticated machines to maintain quality. Suitable to be enjoyed when relaxing with family or friends. Can be brewed with hot, warm or cold water.


  1. Blood flow.
  2. Helps overcome joint pain.
  3. Improve brain function.
  4. As a source of energy.
  5. Improve digestion.
  6. Controlling sugar levels.

 OH GREEN银杏综合谷粉是一种由银杏粉和谷物制成的营养饮料。其中所含的营养非常有益于消化。由精选成分制成,并使用精密的机器加工以保持品质。适合与家人或朋友一起放松时享受。可以用热水,温水或冷水冲泡。


  1. 血液流动。
  2. 帮助克服关节疼痛。
  3. 改善脑功能。
  4. 作为能源。
  5. 改善消化。
  6. 控制糖水平。