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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Wild Honey [有机苹果醋和野生蜂蜜] 750g

Miracle 神奇

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Use organic green apple, with skin and seeds, after smashed it is put into the mountain spring water, then placement good bacteria, with the traditional method of ceramic vat fermentation. Then mixed with Wild Honey, Re-fermentation; When apple cider vinegar combined with wild honey, have unexpected effects. apple cider vinegar with wild honey does not contain preservatives, coloring, Is rich in Aspartame, serine, tryptophan and other amino acids needed by the body, As well as phosphorus, iron, zinc and other 10 kinds of minerals, pectin, vitamins, and enzymes. Its acidic content can soften and clean the blood vessels, Kill bacteria, Enhance the body's immune and anti-virus capabilities, Improve the digestive system, Clean the digestive tract, Help to eliminate joints, blood vessels and internal organs toxins Regulation of the endocrine, Have significantly lower blood lipid and detoxification health function. 

Miracle Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Wild Honey has the following features

  • Purify the blood, increase the heat decomposition, metabolism of sugar, soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure and so on.
  • Protect the liver, preventing tobacco, alcohol and stress the harmful effects of a de-alcoholic effect of liver anti-drunk, before the glass of wine, can inhibit the absorption of alcohol, drink a glass of anti-drunk can be de-alcoholic, so you feel clear-headed and fast; intake Morning and evening a cup of tobacco were able to eliminate the throat dry cough.
  • Enhance the body metabolism, remove toxins to eliminate constipation problems
  • There is a strong bactericidal ability to eliminate intestinal auras, Escherichia coli the role of the disease to prevent diarrhea.
  • Wild Honey Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in organic acids, can promote glucose metabolism in the human body, so that muscle fatigue substances such as lactic acid and acetone were decomposed, thus eliminating fatigue; and can eliminate over-staying up late, bad breath generated by excess stomach acid.
  • Can lower cholesterol, break down fat, vinegar, too much fat makes the body into physical exertion, and promote sugar and protein metabolism in the human body, so it is weight loss; can achieve the significant slimming effect.
  • Their antioxidants can inhibit the formation of peroxides in the body, ease the cell aging, people maintain a youthful beauty.



  • 净化血液,增加热量的分解,糖类的代谢,软化血管,降低血压,降低胆固醇和预防高血压等。
  • 保护肝脏,防止烟草,酒精和压力的有害作用,有抗酒精的抗酒精作用,喝一杯酒之前,可以抑制酒精的吸收,喝一杯抗醉的酒可以酗酒的,所以你头脑清醒,快速;摄入早晚一杯烟草都能消除喉咙干咳。
  • 增强体内新陈代谢,清除毒素,消除便秘问题
  • 具有消除肠道灵气的强大杀菌能力,可预防大肠埃希菌对该疾病的预防作用。
  • 野生蜂蜜苹果酒醋含有丰富的有机酸,可促进人体葡萄糖代谢,使肌肉疲劳物质如乳酸和丙酮分解,从而消除疲劳;并可以消除因胃酸过多而导致的滞留时间过长,口臭。
  • 可以降低胆固醇,分解脂肪,醋,过多的脂肪会使人体产生体力消耗,并促进人体糖和蛋白质的新陈代谢,因此体重减轻;可以达到明显的减肥效果。
  • 它们的抗氧化剂可以抑制体内过氧化物的形成,缓解细胞衰老,使人保持青春美丽。