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Camelina Oil [茶花耗油] 500ml

Labo Nutrition

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Indulge in the natural goodness of Camelina Oil, a highly nutritious, versatile and aromatic oil for all culinary need. Often grown among common flax, Camelina Oil is derived from the seeds of the Camelina Sativa plant through unique chemical-free expeller cold pressing technique. Delicate and subtle in flavour, it is a treasure trove of healthy Omega 3-6-9, plant sterols and Vitamin E. More stable and versatile than any other unrefined oil, Camelina Oil is an excellent, healthy and all-purpose gourmet oil.

尽情享受Camelina Oil 的天然益处,Camelina Oil 是一种高营养,多功能和芳香油,可满足所有烹饪需求。骆驼油通常是在普通亚麻中生长的,通过独特的无化学物质压榨机冷榨技术从骆驼属植物的种子中提取而来。它是精致而微妙的风味,是健康的欧米茄3-6-9,植物固醇和维生素E的宝库。比其他任何未精制的油更稳定,更通用,骆驼油是一种出色,健康且用途广泛的食用油。