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KoKo Nut Coconut Cooking Oil [椰油] 2L

Anna Organics

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  • Pure Coconut Cooking Oil
  • Odourless, neutral taste
  • Non hydrogenated
  • Naturally refined, no harmful chemical used
  • 204°C smoke point
  • Solidify at temperature below 24°C, becomes liquid at temperature above 24°C


  • Healthy Fat
  • 85% of saturated fat, most stable oil for all types of cooking and baking needs


  • 纯椰子油
  • 无臭,中性口味
  • 非氢化
  • 天然精制,不使用有害化学物质
  • 204°C冒烟点
  • 在低于24°C的温度下凝固,在高于24°C的温度下变成液体



  • 健康脂肪
  • 85%的饱和脂肪,最稳定的油,可满足所有类型的烹饪和烘焙需求