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Green Juice Powder [红布朗青汁] 190g


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Superfood to boost your immune system. Fresh Green Juice. Bleary and Wheat Grass powder selected mixed with vegetable and fruits to perfection in a delicious tasting. Add Alfalfa, Kiwi, Apple, Celery, Pumpkin Seeds, etc. vegetable, fruits, herbals and nuts, supply the dietary fibre. Easy brewing, instant and convenient. No artificial colouring, no artificial flavourings, no preservatives and no pesticide residual. Suitable to all family members.

新鲜的绿汁, 增强您的免疫系统的超级食品。精选的百里香和小麦草粉与蔬菜和水果混合在一起,可品尝到完美的味道。添加苜蓿,猕猴桃,苹果,芹菜,南瓜籽等。蔬菜,水果,草药和坚果,提供膳食纤维。易于冲泡,即刻又方便。无人工色素,无人工香料,无防腐剂和无农药残留。适合所有家庭成员。