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Almond Powder [杏仁粉] 600g

Fresh Bean House 鲜豆屋

常规价格 $17.80

For low-temperature baking and grinding and instantaneous steam sterilization. Fresh Bean House Almond Powder is made from top quality almonds that go through a special baking process prior to being grounded. A rigorous quality control process is in place to ensure the natural taste of almond is preserved. 

  • According to your personal taste, infuse adequate volume of almond powder in a cup with hot or warm water for an even blending. Mix well and enjoy.
  • With milk, coffee, juice, soybean milk, condensed milk, honey or fructose added, it will present you an absolutely unique and excellent taste, either in hot or iced
  • No Sugar.
  • No Preservatives.
  • No Artificial Colourings.
  • No Artificial Flavourings.

 用于低温烘烤和研磨以及瞬时蒸汽灭菌。 Fresh Bean House杏仁粉由顶级杏仁制成,经过磨碎后才经过特殊的烘烤过程。严格的质量控制流程已到位,以确保保留杏仁的天然味道。

  • 根据您的个人口味,在杯子中倒入适量的杏仁粉,并用热水或温水浸泡均匀。混合均匀并享受。
  • 加入牛奶,咖啡,果汁,豆浆,炼乳,蜂蜜或果糖后,无论是热饮还是冰镇,它都能为您提供绝对独特而卓越的口味
  • 无糖。
  • 无防腐剂。
  • 无人工色素。
  • 无人造香料。