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Avocado Oil [天然鳄梨油] 500ml

Ellyndale Naturals

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Ideal for High Heat Cooking.
Ellyndale® Naturals Premium Avocado Oil may be the most versatile cooking oil available today. With a high smoke point (approximately 520°F) Avocado Oil is ideal for high-heat cooking such as sautéing and stir-frying. Its buttery-smooth‚ palate-pleasing flavour and texture make it the perfect addition to all of your favourite dishes and a flavourful finishing drizzle for salads and other raw dishes. Ellyndale® Naturals Avocado Oil is from expeller-pressed avocados and has healthy monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E‚ making it one of the healthiest cooking oils available today.

高温烹饪的理想选择。 Ellyndale® Naturals Premium鳄梨油可能是当今最通用的食用油。鳄梨油具有较高的烟点(大约520°F),非常适合于高温烹饪,例如炒和炒。其黄油般的光滑,令人愉悦的口感和口感使其成为您所有喜欢的菜肴的完美添加,并为沙拉和其他生食提供了细腻的装饰毛毛雨。 Ellyndale® Naturals鳄梨油来自压榨鳄梨,并具有健康的单不饱和脂肪和维生素E,使其成为当今最健康的食用油之一。