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Earth Rice Series - Organic Brown Rice [大地米系列 - 有機糙米] 2kg


常规价格 $18.00

Relying on ancient farming methods that return to nature, using the traditional methods of "grazing duck weeding" and "artificially kneeling grass", every product of Chishang "Earth Organic Rice" has undergone strict organic verification by MOA natural farming methods. Adhere to the method of organic cultivation, not just to produce pure, natural, healthy and safe without agriculture

Type: Dadi Organic White Rice, Dadi Organic Brown Rice, Dadi Organic Fragrant White Rice, Dadi Organic Brown Rice, Ten Grain Rice, Organic Round Glutinous Rice, Organic Black Glutinous Rice, Red Glutinous Rice, Dadi Organic Rice, Duoli Organic White Rice 2kg, Duoli Organic Brown rice 2kg, organic sun-dried rice


類型:大地有機白米、大地有機糙米、大地有機香白米、大地有機香糙米、十穀米、有機圓糯米、有機黑糯米、紅糯米、大地有機在萊米、多力有機白米 2kg、多力有機糙米 2kg、有機日曬米