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Japan Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner [日本环保地板清洁剂] 1L


常规价格 $13.90

AmLife Japan Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner [AmLife 日本环保地板清洁剂] 1L

  • Micro bacteria deodorization. Specially added for deodorization and sterilization, leaving a little fragrance after use, especially suitable for mild household use.
  • Green, natural and safe ingredients provide care for the environment while cleaning the floor, as well as care for the health of the family.
  • Gentle and innovative cleaning formula. There is no need to clean the surface with clear water after use of the product. Cleaning becomes easy and trouble-free!
  • AM Life Japanese Floor Cleaner uses Japan's premium formula, gentle and clean, effectively removing dust and oil stains on the floor
  • 小菌除臭
  • 绿色环保
  • 无需过水
  • 柔润保湿
    Floor Cleaner 地板清洁剂, 采用日本特优配方,温和洁净,有效清除地面尘污和油渍