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Sacha Inchi Oil [萨恰印奇油] 250ml


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  • High in polyunsaturated fatty accides
  • High in Omega 3
  • High Vitamin E content
  • Increases ‘good’ cholesterol
  • Lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure

Quantity: 250ml

Serving size: ½ tsp (2½ ml)

No.of servings: 100

Directions: at least ½ tsp daily before or together with food

Sacha inchi oil is high in essential fatty acids : Omega 3/ALA (1,200mg/serv), Omega 6 (900mg/serv) and Omega 9 (225mg/serv). It is also high in phytosterols, phenolic compounds, carotenoids and especially tocopherols (vitamin E).

*As this is an all natural product, component values may vary with batches.


How much should I take?

Take at least 2½ teaspoon a day. You may mix into salads or even drink directly as the oil is very light and has a pleasant nutty taste.


Can I cook using sacha inchi oil?

VIVE's sacha inchi oil is a high quality, cold-pressed oil, that is very high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which, unfortunately, are volatile to heat. Please do not subject the oil to high heat to preserve the goodness inside.


I am taking blood thinners, can I also take sacha inchi oil?

As sacha inchi oil lowers cholesterol and reduces blood clotting naturally, please consult your doctor if you are taking any prescription blood thinners to avoid the risk of increased bleeding.


Can children take sacha inchi oil?

The majority of our brains are composed of fat, which means we need healthy fats from food sources like sacha inchi oil to build brain cell membrane and nourish our brain cells especially in growing children.



  • 高多不饱和脂肪
  • 富含欧米茄3
  • 高维生素E含量
  • 增加“好”胆固醇
  • 降低“不良”胆固醇
  • 降低血压






Sacha inchi油中的必需脂肪酸含量很高:Omega 3 / ALA(1200毫克/份),Omega 6(900毫克/份)和Omega 9(225毫克/份)。它还富含植物甾醇,酚类化合物,类胡萝卜素,尤其是生育酚(维生素E)。






VIVE的sacha inchi油是一种优质的冷压油,其多不饱和脂肪酸含量很高,不幸的是,这些不饱和脂肪酸对热具有挥发性。请不要将油高温加热以保持内部的良好状态。



由于sacha inchi油可降低胆固醇并自然减少血液凝结,如果您正在服用任何处方血液稀释剂,请咨询您的医生,以免增加出血的风险。