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Quinua Blanco Andina [藜麦] 200g


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The seed of quinoa, Chenopodium quinoa, honoured as the “mother-of-all grain” in ancient Inca, is gaining popularity today as a “superfood”. Low in carbohydrates and high protein as compared to rice, wheat or barley, quinoa fits perfectly into a vegan, vegetarian or high raw diet, and as a good substitute for dairy and soy products.

  • Wheat & Gluten Free
  • High in Protein
  • Low in Glycaemic Index
  • High in Minerals
  • Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Weight

藜麦的种子(Chenopodium quinoa)被誉为古代印加的“全谷物”,如今已成为 “超级食品” 而广受欢迎。与大米,小麦或大麦相比,藜麦的碳水化合物含量低,蛋白质含量高,藜麦非常适合作为素食主义者,素食主义者或高原始饮食的人,并且可以很好地替代乳制品和大豆制品。

  •  不含小麦和麸质       
  • 高蛋白        
  • 血糖指数低       
  • 高矿物质       
  • 降低胆固醇并减轻体重