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Organic Chia Seeds [有机奇亚籽] 1kg


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Singapore's No.1 Brand of Chia Seeds.

SuperChia seeds are sourced from the Chia Seed Growers farming cooperative in Southern Mexico and packed fresh in an ISO 22000 certified (Food Safety Management) facility with premium food grade packaging right here locally. Harvesting one of the original strains of chia seeds, they are the only grower-producer that farms within the original lands chia seeds are from.

Grown at altitudes over 1800 metres in the high misty mountains of south central mexico where the climate and soil quality is optimal for growing the highest quality of chia. This mystical area known as the land of "eternal spring” is graced with fertile volcanic peaks and mineral rich water from the surrounding mountain aquifiers. This unique growing area allows seeds of incredibly high antioxidant levels, as well as dietary fibre, protein and Omega-3 to be grown.

As such our chia seeds are not only certified organic by the USDA, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free but also critically acclaimed and widely recognised to be of superior quality from other exports


SuperChia种子来自墨西哥南部的Chia Seed Growers农业合作社,并在当地通过ISO 22000认证(食品安全管理)设施进行新鲜包装,并带有优质食品级包装。它们是奇亚籽的原始菌株之一,是奇亚籽原始土地上唯一的农场生产者。