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Essential Oil [香精油] 10ml - Bergamot


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Citrus Bergamia. Furocoumarin Free (FCF). Citrusy, Softly Sweet and Spicy. Relieves anxiety, body aches, depression and emotional stress. Improves digestion, respiration, immunity and skin health. Remedy for symptoms of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

No parabens. No SLS. Non-GMO. Steroid-free. Cruelty-free.

  • For External Use.
  • Dilute Before Use.
  • Avoid Eye Contact.
  • Keep Away From Children.
  • Store in Cool Dark Place.
  • Use with caution during pregnancy.

Allergen Information

  • Contains no mint.
  • Contains no nuts.

Overall Bottle Dimensions:

2.5cm x 2.5cm x 6.5cm

柑桔。不含呋喃香豆素(FCF)。柑桔,微甜而辣。缓解焦虑,身体疼痛,抑郁和情绪紧张。改善消化,呼吸,免疫力和皮肤健康。高血压和高胆固醇症状的补救措施。 没有对羟基苯甲酸酯。没有SLS。非转基因。无类固醇。无残酷。

  • 供外部使用。
  • 使用前稀释。
  • 避免眼神接触。
  • 远离儿童。
  • 存放在阴凉的地方。
  • 怀孕期间请谨慎使用。


  • 不含薄荷。
  • 不包含坚果。

瓶子整体尺寸: 2.5厘米x 2.5厘米x 6.5厘米