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Organic Green Tea [有机绿茶]

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Organic Green Tea is dubbed as the Natural Elixir of the 21st century, many research institutions have scientifically confirmed the immeasurable health benefits of organic green tea.

Its medicinal properties have been shown to be therapeutic. 

Produced in pollution-free high mountainous area, our organic green tea are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Green Tea is unfermented tea which is minimally oxidized and hence green tea contains the highest level of health nutrients as compared to other types of teas. Many world-renowned universities and research institutions have conducted green tea-related scientific and medical research in order to prove its health benefits.

1.Green tea is a contributing factor for Japanese increased life expectancy—11 years of research by Japanese food scientists and researchers.

2.Green tea can contribute to weight loss and keep our body slim—Research by University of Chicago, USA.

3.Green Tea can help prevent hair loss and other lifestyle-related diseases—Research by Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan.

4.Green tea can boost mental alertness and enhance memory—Research by Korea’s Health Care Ltd.

5.Green tea can help improve bone health and reduce inflammation—Research by Texas Tech University, USA.

6.Green tea has anti-aging effects and can enhance our immune system—Research by Purdue University, USA.

7.The health effects of green tea on cancers—Research by Harvard Medical School, USA.

8.Green Tea can lighten Urinary Incontinence (leaky bladder), reduce urinary stone formation and glucose levels—Research by Curtin University, Australia.

In addition, green tea health properties are widely used to help reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, to prevent cavities and gum diseases, to detoxify our body, etc. There are more than 29000000 websites, reports or articles on green tea benefits on the internet. Since organic green tea can effectively help reduce blood glucose levels, diabetic patients can therefore consume it daily.