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Organic Vegetarian Mushroom Soya Sauce [有機素蠔油] 210ml


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  • Raw materials refrigerated and kept fresh
  • Friendly earth, non-genetically modified, organic raw materials
  • No additives, no seasoning, yeast extract, preservatives, and coloring
  • Australian cheetham sun-dried sea salt is used during the brewing process, which is pure and natural and more delicious
  • Because of pure brewing for 120 to 180 days, and the second brewing contains more amino acids, it has high nutritional value
  • 原料冷藏保鮮
  • 友善大地、非基因改造、有機原料
  • 零添加即無調味料、酵母抽出物、防腐劑、色素
  • 釀造過程採澳洲cheetham日曬海鹽,純淨天然更美味
  • 因純釀造120~180天,且採二次釀含較多胺基酸,營養價值高